Vivian Wang

Iā€™m a New York City-based writer and photographer. By day, I advocate for wilderness protection; by night, I document the wildness unleashed on stage and screen.

My photos have been used on, Slate, and Billboard. Artist interviews and live music reviews are on Un-Titled Project, Pancakes & Whiskey, Blurred Culture, LADYGUNN, and No Depression. Free-form music writing (tour diaries, etc.) is here.

I'm available for portraits, shows, and press writing (e.g., artist bios and album release kits). Contact me using the form below or directly by e-mail: [at]

Lithophytes are plants -- including orchids -- that grow on rocks. One of the characters in my Chinese name is a type of orchid. I subsist on rock 'n roll. And there you have it: the origin story of the photography handle.

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